March 2017. We'll be presenting about real-world neuroscience in several formats during this year's Annual Meeting of the Society for Cognitive Neuroscience: One symposium, one blitz talk, and one poster!

February 2017. I will be speaking about the neural basis of real-world interactions during The Human Mind Project seminar series of the University of London. 

December 2016. Measuring the Magic of Mutual Gaze, our 2011-2012 collaboration with performance artist Marina Abramovic, was featured in the Netflix documentary Innsaei, on the power of intuition

November 2016. The Mutual Wave Machine is featured in a 2-page spread of the November/December issue of Scientific American Mind!

October 2016. According to the Creators Project, Matthias Oostrik and I are "crafting the future of immersive experience"

October 2016. This month, I will be speaking at the annual meeting for the Society of Experimental Social Psychology in Santa Monica, the Netherland America Foundation in New York City, and Central Booking Gallery in New York City. 

September 2016. I will be speaking alongside Chelsea Clinton, actor Ben Affleck and others at the closing session of the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Summit, moderated by president Bill Clinton. 

September 2016. I will be presenting our research in the classroom at the Architectures and Mechanisms for Language Processing Conference (AMLaP) in Bilbao, Spain. 

July 2016. David Poeppel and Georgios Michalareas will demo Mutual Brainwaves Lab on screaming actors at Berlin Tech Open Air

July 2016. Matthias and I won the Federation of European Neurosciences Societies Art of Neuroscience Award

June 2016. The Mutual Wave Machine will finally come to New York City! Visit us @ 3LD Art & Technology Center in downtown Manhattan. 

June 2016. Try syncing your brainwaves @ Northside Festival on June 10! 

May 2016. Joke Olie and I will give a talk at the Netherland Club on neuropsychological and practical implications of growing up in a multilingual household.  

April 2016. This month, I will be talking about our classroom neuroscience project at the annual meetings of Cognitive Neuroscience Society and the Social & Affective Neuroscience Society.

March 2016. I will be joining Iris Sommer, Niels van Miltenburg, and Anouk Keizer in a public conversation about the brain during Science Cafe Utrecht at Tivoli Vredenburg.

March 2016. Matthias and I will be giving a lecture at Benaki Museum, Athens about our art/science collaborations to investigate human connectedness.

March 2016. Try syncing your brainwaves at Game Night Gone Wild at the American Museum of Natural History during Brain Awareness Week

March 2016. If you happen to be in Athens, Greece, come take part in the Mutual Wave Machine during the Marina Abramovic Institute exhibit As One, at Benaki Museum.

November 2015. Come to the Mutual Wave Machine at Eureka! Festival of the Nationale Wetenschapsagenda

August 2015. The Mutual Wave Machine is going to Lowlands Festival! With very generous support from De Hersenstichting and Utrecht University.

May 2015. I’ll be speaking about being a woman in science at Pint of Science USA (with Wendy Suzuki and Sandra Masur, moderated by Nina Grey).

January 2015. welcome to the world, ilya!!

November 2014. Check out the CBS Sunday Morning short about Marina Abramovic featuring footage from our Intentions project at the Bell Labs Anechoic Chamber. Project with QDepartment Records and the Marina Abramovic Institute

November 2014. I’ll be speaking on a panel with Paula Antonelli (MoMA senior curator) and and Gregory Garvey about the Sleuthing the Mind exhibit at Manhattan Pratt Gallery.

Check out the exhibition reviews in Art Forum and Omni Reboot, among others.

October 2014. I’ll be speaking at the Chicago Ideas Week Edison Talks: Edges. Other speakers include George Lucas, Charlie Rose, Jarrett Maurice Adams, and others.

September 2014. AMNH’s Sackler Brain Bench was voted among the 10 coolest classes in New York City by Time Out New York!

July 2014. Matthias and I won a Creative Industries Fund grant to build out the next generation of the Mutual Wave Machine. MWM++, here we come!

July 2014. Positive reviews in Russian media about our Lexus Hybrid Art exhibit of the Mutual Wave Machine. (including Look At Me, RTV Russia, GQ, Elle)

Honored to co-exhibit with Jim Campbell among others.

June 2014. Butoh artist Vangeline and I discuss neuroscience and dance in Immaterial Magazine

June 2014. Check out the complete Out of the Lab film by Noah Blumenson-Cook!

April 2014. Our Journal of Neuroscience publication was picked up by the press. Also see the NYU Stories profile about the study.

February 2014. I was featured in National Geographic Channel’s show Brain Games